We are a 5 surgery practice operated by both full time and part time staff, offering both NHS and Private services. We have a separate sterilization room for all instruments to achieve high standards of hygiene.

All facilities are located on the ground floor. However wheelchair access is limited and a chaperone is needed as  access to all surgeries and Reception  is not possible via a wheelchair.


We will endeavor to give you an appointment closest to your request or even on the same day if possible. Please call the surgery on 02082455292 or 02088861143.

New patients please inform Reception staff of any disabilities you may have as it may be advisable that you bring a chaperone to assist you on you visit to the practice


Our practice accepts cash, cheques and credit cards. It is our policy that payment is settled at each appointment. However, there are exceptions; for long courses of treatment, payments can be made in instalments at each visit. All fees are payable in full by the end of a course of treatment.

If you qualify for free treatment under the NHS please ensure you claim under the correct exemption status. We can advise you of the exemptions eligible for free dental treatment but it is your responsibility to check your exemption status and confirm you are entitled to free dental treatment.

For further information on who is entitled to free treatment, please visit:



24hour notice is required to cancel or rearrange an appointment.

Caring for you:

If you have any worries about visiting the dentist, we can help you overcome your anxiety. Our team of dentists and nurses take particular pride in making your visit pleasant. All age groups are welcome to register.

We always regard children as very special patients and do everything to make their visits as pleasant as possible. Our main aim is to educate all patients in forming and maintaining good habits, which will prevent problems with their teeth in later life. The breakdown products of food and drink attack the tooth enamel, gum tissue and bone, causing tooth decay and gum disease. We need to remove these food particles as soon as possible after eating. The longer we leave food around our teeth, the longer our teeth and gums are under acid attack.

Brush mornings and evenings

Avoid an excess of sweets, snacks & sugary drinks

Attend your dental check-ups as advised by your dentist